By now, a messenger bag has succeeded in cozily tucking in the inside of our closets, and is on one great way of joining the fashion hall of fame. It’s been a century since the first postmen used it, and its dashing presence is now welcomed by people of all ages, professions and senses of style. We use fashion to declare ourselves to the world, express our moods and brighten our days. And just like that, a messenger bag became a favorite of us all. Everybody owns one, and everybody holds it dear. But just how much do our messenger bags reveal?

Choice of Material 

Before it became widely popular, a messenger bag humbly served its purpose, far away from catwalks and stylish fashion houses. A courier bag of old was just a type of ordinary sack, traditionally made out of cloth. Now this fashionable item comes in different shapes and sizes, designs and materials. Here’s how your choice reflects you.

  • * Leather. Hand-made or manufactured, a leather messenger bag speaks of style and care for appearance. Usually well-paired with your favorite brogues or oxfords and a belt, a leather bag brings class to any outfit. It shows your commitment when it comes to styling your look and your choice to appear chic and urban.
  • * Canvas. Crossed with a military-inspired style, a canvas messenger bag is an image of an outdoorsy person. It’s bigger per se, but it’s also bigger on the inside, since bags of this fabric offer a lot of space for your necessities. Therefore, it is a sign of an adventurous, nature-loving person, the one that would rather spend the time travelling around.
  • * Nylon. Simple and practical, a nylon bag tells of comfort and a temper unballasted with glamour and conventions. Those who choose this type of fabric are on the quest towards finding something reliable, solid and uncomplicated.

Color Pick

 If someone could just count the number of tints, hues and shades that can be seen at a zebra crossing during the busy day... It’s well-known that the choice of colors tell a lot about one’ personality, without one being aware of it. So this is what the most typical colors of our messengers give away about our traits. 

  • * Black speaks of prestige and power. It’s a color of those who are unconstrained and seek protection. If your choice of color is brown, you are probably a truth-loving and well-balanced person. You are also dependable and easy-going.
  • * Red is for striking and passionate. These types of people have a great love for life and aren’t afraid of showing it.


As a messenger bag lover, you have probably explored all ways in which you can carry your favorite one along with you. Original courier bags were slightly different than modern ones, since they were actually designed for cross-body carrying instead of hanging loosely over one shoulder. You probably haven’t even thought about this, but the way you style your bag exposes your character. Here’s how:

  • * Backpack style. If you have chosen to use your messenger’s strap and handle for creating a practical backpack, then you certainly prefer comfort over glam. You like being in permanent motion, having your arms free for embracing life.
  • * One shoulder style. Carrying a bag over a shoulder actually reveals the content of the bag, since a messenger worn this way can’t be particularly heavy. Therefore, this type of styling can mean two things. Either you’re a kind of a person that is in a constant rush and doesn’t have much time or will to finish what’s been stated, or you’re a formal, tidy individual who’s not very interested in adventures.
  • * Cross body style. Cross-body bags have always related to students, professors and other scholars. If this is your usual choice, then your bag is probably fully stacked, which discovers your habit of being attached to specific things and a need to always have them on hand.


 Another thing that can tell a lot about your personality is how aged your messenger bag is. However, the age of a bag doesn’t include only a number of years, but the quality of time as well. So the next time you take out your bag for a stroll down town, keep this in mind.

  • * Vintage. Layers of fine patina reveal a dreamer and a person who cherishes artistic inspiration over mundane life. Your vintage bag tells of your exquisite style and a lust for fantasy.
  • * Brand new. If you’ve chosen glossy and polished leather, it speaks of your maturity and dressiness. In addition to being respectable, you have your feet firmly on the ground.
  • * Worn-out. Distressed leather is a mark of a drifter and a rolling stone. This kind of a person is daring, fearless and a bit starry-eyed.