The finest quality of a messenger bag is its versatility, they say. But, when it comes to this much-loved classic, versatility goes beyond basic casual and formal wear. Unique, intriguing people like to express their attitude towards life through clothes, and there are clothes to match every personality. Now we have an endless list of different fashion styles, with each of them equally fascinating and delightful. And there isn’t one of them that a messenger bag can’t complete.

Whether you’re punk or hip-hop, vintage or fashion-forward, there’s always one for you. Take a look at these 5 stunning distinctive styles for men and get some inspiring ideas.

1. Nautical

Ever since the dawn of time, brave men have always been drawn to the sea. And isn’t it a dream of every ritzy man to anchor his boat in the Monte Carlo marine and take a stroll down the sun-kissed French Riviera? Well, if a yacht is only a vision for you, shed no manly tears, for you can get a piece of the fantasy with a nautical look. After all, you don’t have to own a fancy cruiser in order to enjoy the salty coastal wind. So, whenever you get near the beach, grab a chance to look like the sophisticated, handsome man that you are.

Your must-have fashion items for this opportunity are a striped summer pullover, a white linen shirt, a pair of white pants, and a pale blue summer shorts. Accessorize with a leather belt, an anchor bracelet and a wayfarer sunglasses. How to include a messenger bag, you wonder? Pick one made out of glossy brown leather, with a plaited strap to resemble the marine rope, and pair it with loafers of same color.

2. Hippie

Whether you’re preparing for Coachella or you’re fond of looking like a flower child all year long, there are a lot of ways to recycle your father’s 60’ clothes and include them in your everyday boho look. The Hippie look is a one-of-a-kind way to voice your inner peace-lover and feel like one with the world. And it’s quite easy to achieve, since you probably won’t have to buy new, expensive clothes, but use your parents’ or get them cheap at vintage stores. A lot of essentials you can actually make for yourself, using old and worn-out clothes. And here’s how. Find an aged pair of trousers, and dye them bright yellow, or make a shorts from faded jeans (don’t bother to trim the hem). Also, you’ll need a button-down shirt with aboriginal, paisley or oaxacan pattern and a lot of gipsy necklaces. When it comes to a messenger bag, the one you’ll need for your adventures out in the desert, the perfect design is vintage with leather that’s greatly distressed. Choose earth tones and tie a scarf around a strap to accentuate the theme.

3. Hipster

From Jared Leto to Matt Smith, the hipster fashion has taken over men’s closets by storm, and, by the look of it, it won’t get out very soon. And no wonder, since its cheerfulness and love for bold literature, fine art photography and cats makes the world a bit wackier. In addition to being whimsical, hipster clothing is great for any occasion, and hipsters, in fact, have a great sense of style. Wherever you go, your clothes will present you in a urban and relaxed kind of way. A pair of tight black pants is absolutely of the essence, and always wear them with rolled up legs. When you decide to hipster up, the choice of patterns for your buttoned-up shirt is another crucial thing to consider. To complete the look, use hats, (very) long necklaces, bow-ties, and, obligatory, Ben Folds glasses. Pick a messenger bag in bold colors, like green, teal or orange, or you can even consider pastels. Leather ones with busy pattern inserts are another swank choice.

4. Beatnik

There’s a shred of Dean Moriarty in every man. It’s alive every time you get your Paris syndrome while drinking your coffee in Montmartre or make a pond of sweat while dancing to King Crimson. Much like Moriarty himself, the men who inspired his character and the one who created it, were, among other things, stylish. The style generated by beatnik pioneers is an image of manhood and escapades. If there’s a daring beatnik inside of you, why not let him define your look? Although original beatniks didn’t exactly wear black, their legatees made it a fashion symbol. If not black, other achromatic colors should prevail in your whole outfit. That means a lot of black pullovers and turtle necks, a pair of grey pants, plain white button-down shirts and blouses with black and white stripes. Beside a hat and a bag, you won’t need other accessories. Of course, a messenger bag is more important than ever, since you’ll need something to carry your books along. Vintage leather of unsaturated colors is the safest choice, but you can also try red, and make the bag your statement piece.

5. Gangster

Inspired by the movies (with The Godfather in the front), the gangster fashion is the manliest of all styles. If you don’t mind being sleek, trimmed and poised all day long, than a gangster suit will probably suit you best. This style is actually a period piece, and it travels back in time to start with the 20’ and hopefully, never to finish. There isn’t a better way for a fellow to manifest his attitude and confidence, but on the downside, this look can turn out to be quite demanding, not to say expensive. However, you can use your grandfather’s closet and find a lot of what you need. And, you need a lot of perfectly tailored suits, dark ones as well as ones in lighter colors and patterns. A pair of oxfords is not to be forgotten, and the same can be said about fedora or homburg, a gentleman’s cane and a boutonniere. For a more casual outfit, choose a plane white button-down shirt and complete it with suspenders.  And since the gangster look is all about quality, choose a leather messenger bag that has aged well, and matches your oxfords.