How to store your messenger bag

Leather is a material that is durable, stylish, and has the ability to outlast other materials. When purchasing a leather bag take into account the longevity of the bag. If you properly care for it, then it should last many years. Caring for a leather briefcase doesn’t only mean cleaning it, you also want to ensure that you store it properly when it isn’t being used. You want your leather bag to be ready for use, therefore you have to store it in a way it will be.

Before Storing 

 It is highly recommended that you clean your leather bag properly before storing it. You don’t want to store a dirty bag because stains could set in, and then you will be unable to get them out. Use the right leather cleaning methods, and know what type of leather you are dealing with. Not all leather is the same, so you have to know what cleaning methods are safe for your bag. After cleaning is complete, you will want to apply a leather conditioner to help the leather keep its natural soft feel and suppleness. Also, ensure that the leather is completely dry. You never want to store a damp bag because it could mildew.


You want your bag to keep its shape while being stored. One way to accomplish this is to use tissue paper to stuff the bag. You never want to use newsprint, as it could bleed onto the interior of the bag. If the bag contains a heavy metal strap, you may want to remove it, if possible. Place the strap inside the bag. This will help ensure the leather is not scratched up while being stored.

Storage Bags

To ensure that your bag is getting the protection it needs, you will want to invest in protective bags. You never want to use plastic as it can cause mold and mildew. You could use cloth or silk garment bags. If you do not have access to these types of bags, a cloth pillow case will work as well. You want a material that will breathe during storage.


It's best to store your leather bag in a place where it will not be smashed, such as a drawer or closet shelf. These types of locations are also great because they are dark and stay cool. You don’t want to store your bag in an area where it will receive direct sunlight, as this will cause the leather to fade. Also, it's important that the leather is stored at room temperature, because excessive heat could cause cracking.

When you care for your leather bag and store it correctly, you are ensuring more years of use. Leather tends to be pricey, so you want to always look at a leather purchase as an investment. Therefore, it only makes sense to care for your investment. Many leather bags have made it through decades of wear and tear. These types of bags are vintage, and are highly sought after. You never know, one day your bag may be vintage as well if kept in good condition.