different types of bags for different outfits

A modern man is all about accomplishments. Professional esteem, personal satisfaction and overall welfare are hard to achieve, and those who reach their goals are worthy of all the fame. Whether we like it or not, appearance is a big part of a person’s success. A perfect suit is significant for acing the job interview, and every man on the top of his game deserves a little fashion indulgence. 

Don’t judge a man by his appearance, they say, but we can’t deny that what we wear usually shows how we are. In fact, a successful man is always a noticeable one, and his wardrobe is a part of his persona. Even though we try hard to escape the preconceptions, one way or another, we measure the man by the size of his briefcase, and choosing the right one according to your profession is not an easy task. Here are some suggestions.

The Architect

While caring deeply for designs, architects are usually modest when it comes to their clothes. Their work equipment can’t be carried around in a bag, since most of them still use traditional drafting table methods. Even for those who have upgraded to drawing software, the original approach is still unavoidable. For this reason, everything they need in their bags can be reduced to common office tools and computers. Since they are required to carry the blueprint holder with them anyway, the bag of an architect should be, just like his job, practical and stylish.

A handbag of clean lines and simple design is perfect when made of high quality leather. The additional strap for the shoulder always comes handy, especially when your job demands a lot of field work. And given that architecture is anything but a dull art, feel free to make yourself look good with bright and bold colors.

The Professor

Elbow patches and tweed are always going to remain a signature style of a professor. Whether you like the theme and don’t mind staying inside a pattern, or are fond of a more individualistic fashion, a blazer jacket or a V-neck sweater are still the perfect blend of comfortable and what’s required by the dress code. Professors are especially known for their gracious posture and sophistication. Choosing the right bag for this kind of a refined profession shouldn’t be so hard, but there are still some qualities a professor’s bag should have.

First of all, it should be spacious enough to sustain all of the books, notebooks and papers a scholar always carries along. For that reason, a teacher’s bag should first and foremost be well-organized. With the focus being on the interior, a downright bag should contain a lot of practical compartments, pen pockets and slits for storage. When such properties are found, a traditional elegant handbag is always the right pick.

The Athlete

Being a sportsman means a lot more than playing ball and running down the field. Such career requires being on a constant move, and choosing the right travelling gear is of key importance. With all the bulky bags and large suitcases, an athlete always needs a presentable man bag to keep his necessities at hand. Even though they spend most of their time in sports wear, their profession implies a lot of public appearances and business meetings as well. Being so, athletes need their bags to be simultaneously elegant and casual. A messenger bag has both qualities, and can be matched with any outfit. If it’s made of leather, it’s simple in design, and it can be easily worn in any occasion. Plane colors like black, navy-blue or dark brown are, for the same reason, a great choice.

The Banker

Bankers are well-known to be fashionistas of the business world. Well situated and formal, they have the simplest task when it comes to their appearance. Looking elegant and sharp while being able to afford fancy clothes is not so demanding. Classic suits and stylish accessories are always easy to pair with each other, and they still look neat and modern. With such clothes, a selection of matching bags is unlimited. In order to avoid the classic briefcase, a banker can choose a sleek doctor’s bag with a stiff top, or be more traditional and try out the hard, box-like exterior with a belt and clutch locks.

As the elegance goes, less is always more, and a banker’s job doesn’t require additional compartments on the outside. You can keep it polished with a glaze finish, or pick vintage, with just a proper amount of patina. Modern bag designers are smart when it comes to interior organization, and pretty much every handbag nowadays has enough compartments and slits for your contracts and business cards. With the options like this, you don’t have to be afraid of being fashionable.


Great men are never scared of being great dressers. If your hard work has rewarded you with your peers’ respect and recognition, why not reward yourself with something nice and stylish? A work bag doesn’t have to be pricy to look good, and whichever career is your true calling, such item is always needed. With the right choice, your appearance will talk for you, and make everyone know how shipshape, cosmopolitan and responsible you are.