Lumberjack fashion style

One can speculate that the lumberjack look is finished by now, but there’s one simple fact one would neglect – girls will never stop loving it. There’s a special kind of appeal in a man with beard, and the ladies are bonkers about it. No matter how much she denies it, a man carrying wood in a ragged sweater is a secret fantasy of every girl. If we suppose that fashion is an expression of one’s personality, then clothing of a lumbersexual suggests two things. Raggedy says I don’t mind getting dirty, and stylishness - I care about my appearance. To those two, lads would add the third one – I’m comfy and relaxed. And as the qualities in men are concerned, these are not so bad. So here’s what you need in order to achieve it this season.


1. The I'm-So-Cool Sunglasses

Since spring is on its way, you would want to strip down your usual cozy wardrobe a bit. In fact, lumberjack style doesn’t have to be necessarily over exaggerated. With some torn up jeans and a simple whitey, you could have that careless Adam Goldberg look. Everything you need to spice it up is, naturally, a cool beard and a pair of modish sunglasses. To circle your wicked appearance, you can try out various styles of accessory. Cool Ray Ban Wayfarers are essential for some time now, but you can go even more dapper with Tom Ford Burgundy Havana and, unavoidably, Gucci Bamboo Aviators. Pretty much everything you need for a strut in the sun.

2. A Shirt for Hot Days

Even though a manly jumper is the signature piece of a lumbersexual, a warm breeze usually makes it difficult to wear. Spring requires lighter textiles, and those can be added to your everyday outfit in more ways than you think. Plaid shirt is probably a must have for you, but you can always explore the field more widely. Fuscous tones are within a theme, and you can pair them up with basically anything. Burgundy is simultaneously sexy and elegant, and olive is insanely hot on almost any guy, and provides a little bit of grungy flavor. But what you should never miss is a plain white semi button up with rolled sleeves and, if you want to go all the way, suspenders.

3. The Especially Manly Bag

If your clothes look a bit devil may care, as some of the lumberjack outfits do, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your basic man stuff with you. And those tight jeans that you’re wearing won’t give you any pocket space for sure. Every man should surpass the man bag taboo, since it’s seriously ancient. Gentlemen need their wallets, books and tablets just as much as ladies, and that’s where a bag is quintessential. To underline that manliness you’re so cautious about, choose leather. Backpacks are cool and practical, and a classic messenger bag will definitely round up your style.  After all, a perfect bag makes a girl wonder about what’s on the inside.

4. Statement Socks

If you decide on a simpler alternative of your apparel, you’ll need a little pop up detail. While trying to avoid clichés such is plaited shirt, but if you are still fond of the pattern, you can ingeniously incorporate it in your socks. Fashionable or not, a guy should always pay attention to his overall appearance, and a sleek pair of socks is a big part of it. So, if you’re not afraid of being bold with your fashion statements, or you simply fancy quirky things, choose socks with bright and striking designs. Stripes are classic, but you can also go with polka dots and rhomboids. If not so courageous, you can play safer with vibrant and unexpected colors. It’s what fashionistas call a statement piece. 

5. Nonchalant Overalls

 Now, here’s where it becomes a little riskier. Not every man can pull out overalls, but those that do are usually a dime. Also, there are not many ways in which overalls can be worn without looking like a work uniform. Most of all, your whole likeness should scream confidence. Debonair is a big part of edgy fashion for man, since it has to give out that I-look-amazing look without even trying attitude. And overalls definitely got that. Pale, worn out denim is best when it comes to the choice of materials, and it always helps to keep it baggy. With rolled up trouser legs and one suspender off, overalls are incredibly cool. Everything you need to make it perfect is a right shirt and the I-don’t-care smirk on your prickly face.

Regardless of what others would say, a guy should care about how dashing he looks. Every girl likes a good dresser, and if he wears his fashion with casualness, he pretty much deserves every sigh. And that’s why lumberjack style will never stop exciting us.