vintage fashion is making a comeback

The better question to ask is why not? In the last couple of decades, fast paced fashion changes have taken the energy out of shoppers. Let’s be honest, most of them have been artificially boosted through marketing, and do not really reflect the taste of the cosmopolitan people. We can’t really say that all of them are successful, either. Some of them have missed the target and crashed and burned very fast.

On the other hand, vintage styles of the 1900's carried a strong fashion statements, and their impact lasted for decades. They are superior to current fashion trends in many aspects, and we are here to talk about them for a while and see what makes them so special.

Stylish and Universal 

Current fashion trends are often mostly targeted at young people. I mean, if you take a look at the runways, you will mostly see things that even younger people would think twice before putting them on. They are eccentric, and are there to impress in a very different way compared to regular outfits. On the other hand, most vintage styles are appropriate for casual as well as semi-casual events and situations. They have class and dignity, which are the traits that most people these days are attracted to, and for a good reason. Popular culture has gone a bit awry in recent years, and it is only natural that people want it back in its original place.


We’ve all heard of the expression: “They don’t make them like that anymore.”, and this is an expression that stuck for a good reason. Since our fashion industry is so focused on having a new line of clothing for each season, often very similar to those of last year, the pace at which they manufacture often makes the final product not that great. As far as vintage clothing and accessories go, well, they are still pieces from 20-40 years ago, running about looking great. That’s the greatest proof of quality - standing the test of time. How does your clothes from 3-4 years ago look like? I threw mine away. There are still brands out there who adhere to that old quality code you had to have back then, and it seems that shoppers really know how to appreciate that.


Don’t you consider it weird that when you look at fashion photos from the 60's and 70's, you think that everyone looked great, but then you look at your own photos from 5 years ago and say: ”Oh my god, what am I wearing!”. This is the power of vintage designed fashion wear and accessories. They are pieces that are worth having down the road, and you won’t just bury them beneath the piles of new stuff. We clean our old suits regularly, put them on only on special occasions and take care of our leather bags with regular maintenance.

A Sign of Rebellion

The modern trends are quite, let’s say, shocking. They breed on sensationalism, excess and similar things. While it is true that young people have fought for the right to look different, they most certainly didn’t ask to be bombarded by it. The modern youth is going back to older values which they see as more honest and appropriate for their lifestyle. This rebellion is reflected in the way young people dress and conduct themselves. They wish to be seen as people with integrity and dignity, which is what they emote through their clothes.

The bottom line, of course, will always be - vintage clothing looks great! They just had it, that certain something that drew the eye and made people take notice. The time when everyone looked like they had some class and charisma. I mean, lets’ face it, the most legendary sneakers of the urban style have been first manufactured in the early 1900's. Vintage messenger bags have even gone and became a part of the urban style. Sometimes, the only way to go forward is to go back.