Women are famous for their “I have nothing to wear” problem, but there’s another one which is less-known, but equally serious. The moment when you know that you do not have nearly enough time to pack and you know you need to be ready in a matter of minutes is an “I have to pack everything” situation, and we all know that that isn’t doable, at all. This knowledge, although we have it, isn’t helpful at all. You know you’re not going to wear at least half of that stuff, and you know that all that luggage will only bother you and make your life unnecessarily difficult for the whole trip, but this did not stop you before, and it won’t stop you in the future if you don’t do something about it. 

For this type of unplanned situation, I have my own list. It consists out of three different segments, as you’ll see, and all of them are made in such a way to make it easy for you to find everything the moment you need it. Check it out!

Let's Start with the Biggest One – Suitcase!

It all depends on where you’re going. If it’s somewhere cold, then you’ll definitely need a bigger suitcase, because all that sweaters and jackets that are necessary simply won’t fit anywhere else. On the other hand, if you’re going somewhere where you plan on sunbathing, you’ll need towels, which don’t take as much space, but you still need to plan a special place to storage them. Once you have that sorted out, it’s time to be realistic about clothing items and shoes. Stop for a second and think about the approximate number of outfits that you’ll need.

Resist all your instinct and try not to exaggerate, and once you’re done with counting, add one – and only one – outfit more, just in case. Your suitcase will also need to contain a vanity case with all the product that you’ll need. I’d recommend you to stock up with all those products you use and that are packed in small bottles, so you can have them ready to go in a situation like this. Don’t forget your makeup!


No one but you can’t tell you what your handbag should contain, because you know best which personal items you need and use. If you’re trying to change these items, because your bag is too chaotic and too heavy, you should check out this guide, and see which essential items your bag needs to contain. Other than these items, I would add a hairbrush, your wallet and keys, and of course, a passport if you’re going outside of the country. When it comes to makeup, you shouldn’t place everything in your handbag, because you definitely won’t use everything, so pick out a couple of items and place them in a separate pocket, so that you always know where they are. For this kind of getaways, I always have my messenger bag with me because I find it most practical – all those pockets are pretty useful when you need this many different items with you.


This segment is necessary only if you plan on clubbing, or perhaps, if you have a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant in mind. You won’t have any issues fitting a small clutch in your suitcase, just try not to forget it. Every clutch should contain no more than three items – a wallet (or just a credit card), your keys, a lipstick, a powder kit and some tissues. Any item you decide to put in just in case will only make it more difficult for you to find a certain thing, and it will probably transform your clutch and make it look chubby.

This list requires an update here and there, because it all depends on your destination. There’s one last piece of advice I’d like you to take into consideration – try not to be obsessed about packing every single thing you may or may not need. The whole point of these gateways is to do something spontaneous and crazy. And who knows, maybe you’ll have an interesting story to tell when you come back, only because you forgot something! Don’t worry too much and have a nice weekend!