Just as there are many handbags for women to choose from, men also have a wide array of bags they can pick from. Men throughout the world are starting to sport a new variety of bags that suit their personality, style and taste. If you take a walk down the streets of a busy city, for example, you’ll find business men carrying handbags around. Guys use these handbags to store their important documents, laptop, iPad, phone, wallet, keys and whatever else they need to take with them during the day. Here, we are going to give you a list of the different types of male handbags.


  1. Briefcase




Briefcases have always been a popular choice. In the past, the briefcase was made to resemble a box. They were shaped like a square and didn’t have a whole lot of pockets inside. However, today, designers have given the popular briefcase a “stylish” look. The modern briefcase also has more compartments to help keep things organized.


  1. Messenger Bag


A messenger bag is worn over one shoulder. Some people refer to messenger bags as being courier bags, because it also has a strap that you can fasten to help stabilize the bag. It is normally used by cyclists and college students, but many use it for style.


  1. Camera Bag



The camera bag is smaller than a messenger bag. See, some men get confused by the name “camera bag,” they are under the impression that it is simply used to hold a camera. However, this bag can hold anything that does not weight much, such as your cellphone, wallet and keys. It’s used like a shoulder bag, but is smaller.


  1. Tote Bag


Tote bag is a lot like the briefcase, but it is a soft version of it. You can carry it over your shoulder or you can carry it in your hand. It can be used to carry notebooks and books.


  1. Backpack




We cannot forget about the backpack – this is one of the most popular bags out there, so I don’t think there is any need to introduce it to you. However, due to the fact that men can use it to carry their computers and other gadgets, it is worth mentioning in this post. They now make backpacks that have pockets intended for laptops, tablets and other gadgets.


  1. Laptop Bag


As the name implies, men use this to carry their laptop. This bag is well-cushioned to protect the laptops from vibrations. It also has different pockets that you can use to hold your cord, battery and charger. There are many different laptop bags you can choose from.


There you have 6 different types of male handbags. Each one has a multitude of styles within itself that you can choose from. There are some pretty masculine looking bags, so guys, you do not have to worry about looking “feminine.”