While it may be true that looks are not everything, there are some situations in which you need to respect the decorum. It is more a question of decency and respecting the protocol than chasing after a particular fashion style. A lot of people get quite annoyed for being forced to follow the rigid fashion sense of the business environment, but truth be told, it isn’t that tightly bound as it may seem at first.


The fact that the business look is so “clean and cold” speaks about the environment itself. You are there to do business, and colorful, frivolous clothing can be distracting and isn’t very respectful towards the other party. Still, the style isn’t all that limiting. Let’s see how you can expand your business style and make it a bit more your own.


Add Some Color


A #suit can make you feel #powerful


When you are trying to freshen up a style that is as rigid as this one, you need to go carefully. You shouldn’t change too much so that you don’t deviate too much from the style and break the decorum. Still, not your entire attire needs to be made of black, white and grey as the style would suggest. Adding a colorful detail, be it a tie, glasses, a shirt - whatever, as long as it is tasteful, it can break the monotony of the style at hand. Don’t go for colors that are too extravagant and eccentric. Colorful handkerchiefs or socks can also be an interesting and sensible option. Always keep in mind that those details need to be tasteful.


Adding Textures, Prints or Patterns


#suits do not have to be boring! Add some #color and you'll feel like a million bucks!


Another way to go which gives even more freedom is adding to your business attire clothing pieces that have some of the above mentioned decorative elements to the equation. The reason why this approach gives you more freedom is because you can go for a shirt or even a blazer decorated in this manner. Again, I have to stress that you do not overdo it and that your decorative elements remain tasteful. If you are going to use prints make sure that they are appropriate, and again, make sure that all the patterns and textures are not overtly dominant.


Go for Semi Casual


Not every business event requires from you to go for a full business uniform, and you can allow yourself to go for a semi casual look from time to time. The important thing to know is that meeting a client for the first time, having a business dinner or lunch, a board meeting and similar official events require you to go for a full business dress. In other cases you can tone it down a bit and show a bit of your own style in your dress code.


A Bag That Sets You Apart


Feel #young and #professional


One of the best ways you can add some uniqueness to your style without having to worry that you will break character, so to speak, is having a bag that is stylish. Still, you have to make sure that your bag is of high quality and that it serves the purpose of a business bag well. Carrying around a bag that is strictly a fashion statement isn’t something that is recommended for the business environment and will not reflect well on your appearance. Make sure it fits the business environment, and you are surely going to break the monotony of the rigid business style.


There is no reason for a business style to be boring, but it can be a bit tricky to make it more interesting. The line between tasteful and interestingly dressed businessman and an eccentric can be quite thin. Missing the target can cause you quite a bit of problems and leave you with a bad reputation, so make sure to be careful with your modifications.