It can be hard to decide what kind of a backpack you should select to accompany you on your journeys, since if you pick one that is too big, you might not be able to be as mobile as you intended to be, and if your backpack is too small then you will have a problem bringing all the things you need. Not only that, but if the backpack you purchase lacks quality, a simple rainy day will make your life miserable by soaking the content of your bag. There are many backpacks to choose from and you should opt for the right one, and not be confused by other products on the market. In order to save some time on research, here are a couple of traits that should help you narrow down your search.

Desirable Traits  

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Basically these are the traits you should look for when choosing the correct backpack companion for traveling purposes.

Water resistant material – This does not imply your backpack needs to be one hundred percent water resistant, in fact, a semi-water resistant material should do just fine. It is important that the contents of the bag do not get all wet in the event of drizzle, which is why many backpacks actually come with traps which you can put over them, thus preventing them from getting completely soaked. Furthermore, you should ensure the material you select does not stay wet for a longer period of time, so that it doesn’t get musty. A thick but at the same time lightweight material should do the trick, and if you can pour a glass of water over it and the items inside remain untouched, then you have made a good choice but this isn’t the only thing that you should worry about when it comes to materials.

Internal Frame – Truth be told, the majority of backpacks today are made with internal frame, those with the external are quite rare. It needs to be said though, always pick one with the internal frame since it has a better appearance, and you won’t have to worry about that rods getting caught and entangled in surroundings while hiking.

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Multiple compartments – It is always better when your belongings can be stashed in multiple compartments, so that you do not have to keep your dirty clothes and food in the same pocket.

Lockable zipper – This will provide you with an additional sense of security, since it will be much harder to snatch your bag or steal its content while you are not paying attention.

Padded back, hip belt and shoulder straps – The purpose of this belt is to distribute the weight of your backpack more evenly, thus reducing the strain. You can also tighten the hip belt for the purpose of increasing the support. The shoulder strap will reduce the strain on your shoulders. If you need to carry heavy loads, it will only take minutes before your traveling experience starts to make you miserable.

Picking the Right Size

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The correct answer to this question is that the size of the backpack should be proportional to the size of your body. If you want to pack a lot of things, you should also be able to carry that heavy load. These are the things you definitely need to take into an account. Additionally, the packing needs to be conducted in such manner that weight is evenly distributed, so that you can carry it properly without the danger of injuring yourself. This is a complex question that regular wearers should know more about, especially when it comes to style.

Price Range

When it comes to backpack price range, it can go from 50 dollars to 300 dollars, however, it does not mean you will have to spend 300 dollars for a quality backpack. Just take all the previous suggestions into consideration, and you will be able to find one that costs somewhere between 50 and 200 dollars.

If you like traveling and hiking, you are fully aware just how much you are dependent on a backpack with a high level of utility. You need to bring all your necessities, and stuff you need in the case of emergency, and to top it all, you need to be able to carry it without losing too much mobility.