Bag serves to most women as a faithful companion wherever they go. Not only can a person tell a lot about you just from a simple glance inside your bag, but also from simply looking at it as well as the way you wear it.

A woman’s bag holds many secrets, something that you might even be embarrassed for others to find out, while also holding many important items. Have you ever wondered if your bag is too big or simply too crowded? If you ever wanted to reduce the number of items inside your bag, we have prepared a list of items that every bag must have, and the rest is totally optional. Some of these tips are totally unisex, so any guys reading this could take notes and place some of these items inside their messenger bags.

  1. Hand Sanitizers

#Essential items that must be found in each #bag

These small lotions can be found in most stores near the cash registers, they are extremely cheap, yet it is so important that they find a way inside your bag. How many times did you go into the mall, where you grabbed everything from shopping carts, handrail or you had to greet other people, and soon after that, you had to eat something, with nowhere to wash your hands? These lotions are a must in this day and age, and they come in many forms with different ingredients. Most of them use alcohol, which is quick to kill most of the germs found on your skin, and will evaporate soon after that, leaving a pleasant scent. While this can dry your skin if used too frequently, it is great when bathroom is nowhere to be found.

  1. Headache Medicine

While it is not a good idea to always use medicines, even when you have a slight headache, it is always a good advice to have a bottle of aspirin inside your bag. This will help you get rid of any pain, especially those nasty headaches that can quickly ruin your whole day. Remember to check with your doctor before you buy any medicines, and never take them on your own. If you have allergies, be sure to carry a medicine for that as well, as you never know when you might need it.

  1. Notebook

Always have a #notebook in your bag, you never know when you might need a piece of paper!

While old-fashioned notebooks are replaced by smartphones, you should probably find some place and have a physical notebook and a pen inside your bag. There are many situations in which you need to write something down quickly, without having to access your phone, or if your battery has died, and that is when a notebook comes in handy. Other situations may require you to write the directions to tourists, or to write down some quick suggestions your boss is telling you – and let’s face it: having a notebook will make you look as professional as you can get.

  1. Lighter or Matches

Even if you are not a smoker, having this inside your bag can really come in handy during emergencies. Other situations where this may come in handy is when you want to burn off stray threads on your clothes and look impeccable wherever you go. Even if you somehow end up stranded on an island, you will at least have a way of starting a fire. This is a standard part of any sensible camping equipment and should be a part of your daily equipment.

  1. Minty Bubblegum

Always have a #bubblegum in your bag

No one likes bad breath, and this is especially important if you work whole day and have no time to brush your teeth regularly. This is where gums come to the rescue. Not only will they restore PH balance in your mouth, making it harder for bacteria to develop, but it will also give you a fresh breath so that you can meet and greet people all day long. They are quite small and you’ll have no difficulties finding place for a small pack of gums.

  1. Pack of Tissues

There is nothing worse than having sticky fingers from those French fries you ate for lunch and no way of cleaning them. While sanitizing gels we’ve mentioned earlier can clean your fingers, they won't remove any residues, so that is where tissues come in handy. Just imagine that you need to sneeze, and having to do that in your hands is simply not right, so always have a pack of tissues in your bag.

Having all this stuff in your bag is just the top of an iceberg, so if you are having troubles with not enough space, you might need a bigger, more spacious bag.