Our clothing and our accessories carry one important task - a task of introducing us to complete strangers. It is no secret people will try to ascertain what kind of a person you are based on what you are wearing. Truth be told, people do not always strive to leave a good impression, but they do want to leave an authentic impression.

One of the accessories with higher utility is, of course, a handbag, but one must always find a bag which corresponds with his or her style, and at the same time, has the capacity to carry all of the important items. These are the qualities you should look for when selecting a handbag for yourself.

What Your Bag Says About You


In 1945, a new science emerged known as bagology, and according to bagology, the type of bag you are carrying can actually represent a part of your inner psyche. Let us have a look at some of these statements.

Backpack – If you opt for carrying a backpack, you clearly want to show the message that you are someone who likes to be prepared for various scenarios, meaning you have a concern for others and their safety. Moreover, you are someone who is ready to sacrifice their style for the sake of others, since backpack is not really a fashion accessory, although you can certainly find something that is.

Clutch – If you are a woman who carries a clutch as her bag choice, you are someone who is confident about her looks, and therefore you do not need all sorts of beauty products to be in your near vicinity.

Under the arm – A woman who carries a small bag under her arm has a desire to display just how sophisticated she is, and that she has a certain level of class.

Oversized- A person who carries an oversized or a large bag is usually someone who is busy and wants to be always prepared in case some additional work needs to be done.

In other words, this is a type of message you are sending when opting for the bags mentioned above, however, a bag also needs to be useful, not just a fashion accessory, therefore its type is not only dictated by your taste but also by your line of work or daily activities.

Take Your Profession into Consideration 

Unfortunately, despite of our fashion sense and our desire to express our taste, our line of work is very likely to get in the way of our bag choice. So, if your work requires you to take your laptop or books with you, a handbag is out of the question. A backpack or an oversized bag will very likely be your choice in these cases, since they have enough space for notepads, books, and even food and drinks if you need them.

Luckily, there are various types of large bags and backpacks which you can incorporate in your clothing style, you just need to find the right ones. Some of them have quite a sophisticated design, and are very likely to make you appear as a professional in your field.

Quality Is Also Important

Once you have pinned down on bag style and its utility, you also need to find a bag resilient enough to serve you for a longer period of time, something like an ordinary messenger bag. When choosing a bag, the quality of material should never be regarded as an irrelevant factor.

Take some time to think about the materials, so that your bag can also feel nice to the touch. Leather, suede and canvas are the most common materials used in bag manufacturing. Leather is one of the materials which will surely last longer than most of the other materials, which is why it costs a bit more. Suede is like a sub type of leather, but it is much softer, lighter and a bit classier, however, it is not as durable as leather. Canvas also has a high level of durability, furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain, plus it is also stylish. Canvas is a material that goes well with all seasons, whereas suede for example is more of a choice for autumn and winter. Consider all the angles and make an adequate bag choice.