Have you wondered how the rucksack and the leather rucksack came about? We asked this question only to find out that the rucksack hasn’t been around for long.

In a society that is constantly on the move, rucksacks have shaped up to be the must-have staples that combine a spirit of adventure with freedom and practicality. In numerous shapes and sizes, rucksacks provide the necessary freedom while travelling, commuting or going out.

Yet, they were only a center stage piece starting with the 1960s. Created by Dick Kelty, these accessories have been largely improved over time to become increasingly more lightweight and less crudely fashioned. Duffle or heavy duty canvas was the first fabric used to create the first generation of backpacks.

With each new batch, rucksacks became more comfortable, more practical and more fashionable. Initially designed for outdoor activities (particularly hiking and long treks), these accessories transitioned to mainstream fashion in no time.

These accessories have become indispensable. From students carrying their books to school to travelers exploring the world, backpacks are spotted everywhere. A leather rucksack, a hand-painted fabric rucksack, a canvas rucksack are timeless accessories that make our lives all the easier.

How to Choose Your Perfect Rucksack

The offer of rucksack is so wide that it may seem difficult to pick one or two. However, there are a few tips that could help you make up your mind and make the right choice. Follow this guide to find out what you should be looking for in a rucksack.

1.      Search for Good Quality Fabrics and Materials

Chances are that you’re looking to invest in a staple that you’ll carry around for a while. As such, choose the materials and fabrics that are resistant. Another detail you should pay attention to are stitches. Double stitches are recommended.

As for the fabrics and materials, there are quite a few options. A leather rucksack is bound to last for a while. A black leather rucksack or brown leather rucksack are timeless staples in both women’s and men’s wardrobes. Leather is a sturdy material by itself. In addition, most such rucksacks have padded interiors.

A faux leather rucksack works just as well. Most faux leather rucksacks offer the same durability and endurance as leather ones. An added advantage of these pieces is that they’re also more flexible and thinner.

A canvas leather rucksack is certainly more lightweight than others. The fashionable mix between the two fabrics makes canvas leather rucksacks a popular choice among men and women alike. Leather fastenings or exterior pockets on a canvas and leather rucksack give it a heavy duty look.

1.      Pick a Comfortable Rucksack

Comfort should prime as a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the perfect rucksack. A leather rucksack may be incredibly stylish. However, if the straps and the padding don’t fit your height or structure, you’ll wear it a couple of times at best.

Thus, when looking for a men’s leather rucksack or a women’s leather rucksack, pay attention to the construction of the straps, the padded back and in case you’re looking for specialized gear for travelling, the padded hip belt.

These elements ensure your comfort, a healthy back support and even distribution of weight. Even a small leather rucksack or leather and canvas rucksack that could double as bag needs to have secure and comfortable straps.

2.      Pick a Rucksack Proportional to Your Body

Whether you’re searching for the perfect rucksack to accompany you on your travels or a stylish staple to carry your books, notebook or laptop, you should keep proportionality in mind.

For instance, finding the right size for a leather laptop rucksack becomes a matter of selecting that item which is proportional to your body while also packs everything you need. What does proportionality mean? 

A leather rucksack for men should be chosen according to the torso length and the hip size. The same criteria apply for children’s rucksacks or women’s rucksacks. The basic idea is that a rucksack should be comfortable and prevent back injuries.

The smallest of rucksacks are the perfect choice for torsos up to 18 inches. Up to 20 inches, medium-sized rucksacks are a good fit. Large rucksacks fit torsos that measure more than 20 inches.

3.      Pick in Style

Rucksacks used to represent technical equipment reserved for outdoor activities. Since the wave of popularity they enjoyed in the 1960s, rucksacks became more sophisticated, alluring and imaginative.

Today, there’s still a niche for rucksacks designed specifically for travelling or sports activities. Biking, trekking, climbing or hiking require specialized equipment designed for comfort, durability, and safety.

Yet, rucksacks aren’t just for travelling or hiking. Spotted on the streets of the most vibrant cities in the world, rucksacks have become a fashion statement as well as practical must-have staples. A small vintage leather rucksack is an inspired choice for the modern woman who’s always on the go.

We’re convinced that there’s a rucksack for everyone. From lightweight canvas rucksacks brimming with delicate and feminine details to the geeky Star Wars rucksacks (just one example of many) to military style men’s leather rucksacks.

This year, rucksacks got promoted to the must-have accessories list of 2016. Designers made it a personal mission to bring the rucksack back in style. Thus, you can’t go wrong if you choose a tan leather rucksack, a floral print rucksack, a solid color monogrammed canvas rucksack or a leather satchel rucksack. They’re all fashionable and designed for comfort.

We mentioned Mr. Kelty in the beginning. Well, we have both Mr. Kelty and Skip Yowell to thank for the rucksack as we know it today. While Kelty’s reinvented backpack revolutionized hiking, Skip Yowell’s JanSport made rucksacks the everyday carry-on bag they are today.

From the somewhat unremarkable accessories focusing on functionality they were in the past, rucksacks became individualized must-have staples tailored to the preferences of different niches. From hiking gear, rucksacks have made their way to the city streets.

Needless to say, they’re here to stay. A timeless piece as the leather rucksack is a stylish and reliable must-have staple for the urban wanderer and the traveler alike.