Duffle bags are shaping up to be amongst women’s top choice gear when it comes to short-term travelling. Throw intricate designs and customizable details in the mix and cute duffle bags become must-have accessories that appeal to more than just practicality.

Once the exclusive fief of the travelling gentleman, the classic leather duffle bags have transformed into alluring travelling accessories for women and men alike. At the same time, designers have created niches for more than just leather duffle bags.

Canvas duffle bags, cute duffle bags for women, military duffle bags and many others stand testimony to how versatile these items can be. Are you part of a dance team and need a cute duffle bag that packs away your festive equipment for the upcoming competition?

Read on to find out more about duffle bags in general, cute duffle bags for women and what to look for in a duffle bag that combines practicality with irresistible design.

What Are Duffle Bags?

The name duffle bag comes from the Belgian word ‘duffle’. It was in Belgium, in the region of Brabant, where the thick canvas used to create the first duffle bags was invented.

Technically, a duffle bag is that bag which is made of cloth so it’s quite flexible and features handles as well as a long secured zipper that fastens it. Duffle bags’ design used to be somewhat different in the past. The vertical cylindrical bag fastened with the help of a drawstring used to be the go-to design for this practical item.

However, the duffle bag has changed significantly since those early times. Decade after decade, the duffle bag’s functionality was considerably enhanced, the shape changed and its use became more widespread and liberalized. We will soon reveal why. 

What are duffle bags suitable for?

Duffle bags, sometimes referred to as weekender bags, are top choices when it comes to packing for a few hours of training or leaving on an impromptu trip for a couple of days. Depending on your preferences, style and actual packing needs, duffle bags also come in wide variety of sizes.

1.      Cute Duffle Bags for Sports Activities

Duffle bags are hugely popular for packing all the necessary sports gear in one easy to carry bag. As we mentioned before, not only are they functional, but they’re also fashionable accessories to carry with you when heading to sports practice.

Depending on how many staples and accessories you need to pack, you can choose between double-sized cute duffle bags, large ones or medium size bags. Most sport side pockets and interior pockets that make organizing all the easier.

Have you noticed girls’ teams fashionably wearing customized cute women’s duffle bags on their way to tournaments? These are precisely the kind of bags we are talking about. They’re easily customizable if by miracle you can’t find precisely the cute duffle bag you’re looking for. They’re fit and stylish and will save you a lot of trouble when you have to pack lightweight for an outing, the gym or an overnight stay.

1.      Cute Duffle Bags for Travel

While most duffle bags for sports activities may already be customized with big brand names and logos, there are plenty of other cute cheap duffle bags that feature any pattern and number of pockets you ever wished. Of course, there is no rule against using sports duffle bags for travel.

Nonetheless, the wealth of prints, fabrics, and sizes that travel duffle bags sport makes these staples irresistible. You surely want more out of a travel bag than just practicality. You want it to reflect your individuality as well.

From military style to floral prints canvas, to geometric patterns and much more, these cheap cute duffle bags will be your trusted companions for shorter travels. They can easily pack your travel essentials, toiletries, and shoes for that city break you’ve been planning or the impromptu journey.

2.      Small Size Duffle Bags for Makeup

The cutest bags for your makeup and toiletries are the standing cylindrical duffle bags. Tailored to safely pack beauty products, makeup duffle bags come with the entire array of feminine details.

The best part is that they’re compartmented and they’re made of reinforced materials to keep makeup kits and bottles from breaking. Not to mention that the liquid-proof interior saves the rest of your packed belongings from potentially messy spills.

3.      Cute Duffle Bags for Kids

Are you preparing to go out in the park with your little ones and they insist on taking their toys? Cute duffle bags for kids will save you from packing the entire toy collection. Tip: ask them to only take what fits in their duffle bags and make them aware that they’re responsible for carrying it (although we know that won’t be the case).

Cute duffle bags for girls or for boys are featured in kids’ stores in all the colors of the rainbow and with favorite shows characters.

What makes a duffle bag alluring?

1.      Size

The simple fact that there is no conventional size for duffle bags makes them an alluring choice for any activities that require lightweight packing.

If you’re travelling for a couple of days, you can choose double sized duffle bags or simply larger ones, depending on your space necessity. If you’re heading for an overnight stay at your best friend, choose medium-sized cute duffle bags for women. They’re fashionable, easy to carry and back friendly.

2.      Materials and fabrics

Once more, depending on your preferences and the type of activity you’re choosing the cute duffle bag for, you have a wide array of fabrics and other materials to pick from. The classic material for these must-have travel accessories is leather.

Nonetheless, heavy duty canvas also features high among preferences. Cute duffle bags for women also sport more lightweight materials, for a perfect feminine touch. Some are even made of fabrics which, while being highly resistant, allow your duffle bag to transform in a cute rolling duffle bag.

Duffle bags are a welcome alternative to large suitcases. For decades, they have been the go-to choice for the savvy traveler. More recently, their adaptability made them more popular than ever. Choose your cute duffle bag and wear it as a fashionable and practical accessory when you’re on the go.