Photography aficionados should be aware of the importance of acquiring a suitable DSLR backpack or bag that meets several criteria. Besides protecting the expensive equipment, DSLR backpacks should be practical, sturdy and designed with the photographer’s needs in mind. It is tempting to choose a cheap DSLR backpack, thinking all you have to do to keep your equipment safe is be careful while handling it.

However, there are other things to take into consideration if you want to protect your investment in lenses, camera bodies and other high-end accessories you might’ve saved for months before affording. Without further ado, here are the most important pointers to take into account before investing in a sturdy DSRL backpack or bag.

1.      Looks Are not Everything

We couldn’t emphasize this enough. When you’re browsing for the perfect backpacks for DSLR cameras, it’s paramount to remember that looks are not everything. On the contrary, this factor should be resting right at the bottom of your priorities list.

We’re not encouraging you to choose an all-black DSLR backpack or bag, but it’s important not to be superficial when taking this important decision. Cameras and all their accessories are highly sophisticated tools that more than often cost an arm and a leg. They need to be kept away from damaging factors that could drastically affect their life expectancy. If you want to use your photography equipment for as long as possible, don’t dismiss DSLR backpacks or bags that aren’t the exact definition of a sight for sore eyes.

Extend your search and peruse every item in order to find the best DSLR backpack or bag that will meet your particular needs and put you on your track to becoming an excellent photographer.

2.      Waterproof Is a Must

Most buyers also dismiss another important aspect” that their DSLR backpack shouldn’t necessarily be waterproof. They imagine they’ll surely not going to take a swim with their equipment strapped to them. We beg to differ. Waterproof doesn’t imply protecting the equipment while swimming, but rather keeping it safe from harsh weather conditions and other accidents.

Most photographers are adventurous spirits that aren’t easily deterred by rain, sleet or snow. On the contrary, the most beautiful and spontaneous shots can be taken during heavy rains (think romantic couples sharing an umbrella) or heavy snows (think ruddy kids on the first snow fight of the year). This is where a waterproof DSLR backpack comes in handy. It will take on the difficult job of keeping all your camera accessories away from moisture so you can focus on perfectly framing your shot rather than ruining your thousand dollars investment.

A DSLR camera backpack that guarantees to be waterproof will also keep accidental spillages from ruining your expensive lenses.


1.      Removable Insertions

Long are the days when an accessory was built to do just one thing. Nowadays, everything is designed with pragmatism, meant to make our lives easier and enjoy our hobbies to the maximum. This is also the case of a DLSR backpack or bag with removable insertions. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you won’t go wrong by choosing a high-quality DSLR backpack insert.

Designed with photographers on the go in mind, DSLR bags with removable insertions are the ultimate must-have accessory for the modern man who is always going from one place to another. Ideal for amateur photographers, students or even business professionals, this type of DSLR bag will not only hold your various photography accessories and your camera lenses but also your laptop.

With a slim insertion at the bag, you can now have a single bag to carry around all your favorite gadgets. Travel friendly, safe and reliable, this type of bag ticks all the main criteria for the best buy.

2.      Flexible & Comfortable

It’s highly important for your DSLR backpack to feel very comfortable. To take the perfect shot your need to feel relaxed and not spend a lot of time fumbling around your bag looking for a much needed accessory. A flexible and comfortable DSLR backpack will spare you the backaches and will give you the opportunity to reach for your lenses in the blink of an eye.

The ideal camera bag will feel almost like an extension of yourself. If you forget you are actually carrying several pounds of camera lenses and camera accessories on your bag, then you have managed to choose the ideal accessory to accompany you on your adventures.

Another thing to keep in mind when browsing for a DSLR and laptop backpack is flexibility. A cleverly designed backpack will allow to move around insertions and create the compartments that best suit your needs.

3.      Sturdy materials

We’ve tackled looks, flexibility, and reliability, but there’s another key factor that you should keep in the back of your mind. It’s ideal to choose a DSLR backpack or bag that is made out of a sturdy fabric. Built to last, this accessory will surely stand the test of time and keep your lenses and cameras safe at the same time.

You don’t have to be a creature of habit to appreciate a bag that will last you several years. However, getting used to certain insertions, pockets, and flaps will actually enable you to become a better and faster photographer. You’ll never miss the chance of snapping a photo of that perfect moment.


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A small DSLR backpack made out of sturdy materials might be more expensive than a larger one from cheap fabrics. However, don’t overlook exquisite quality since it will surely save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of renewing your DSLR backpack or bag every couple of years, you won’t be forced to buy a new one for a whole decade if you follow this advice.

A good DSLR backpack should meet all of the above mentioned criteria and then some. Whether you’re a novice who is looking for the first camera bag or a photography expert, don’t underestimate the power of a high-quality, reliable DSLR bag. It could make the difference between taking the shot of a lifetime ad completely missing your chance.

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