While women are allowed and encouraged to wear zillion of purses, totes, and clutches in all shapes and colors, when it comes to men’s bags, things are getting a bit more complicated. Modern men have figured out almost everything when it comes to looks and life style: clothes, shoes, hairdos and beards, accessories and gadgets. But one of the most difficult tasks they face is choosing a masculine bag that doesn’t look like a girl’s purse. It’s time to make things right for men again and solve their dilemma: what type of bag can they carry which is elegant, masculine, practical, versatile and modern? There is only one answer to solve this riddle and that is the leather duffle bag.

Leather duffle bags for men have been available for quite some time. However, they are getting more and more popular because they mix all the right ingredients to become the next best thing in the men’s accessories department. Men’s leather duffle bags are in and out of themselves a statement of elegance, flexibility, contemporary taste and style, sophistication, and personality. Leather duffle bags are a thing of beauty, as leather in itself is an appraised fabric for dozens of reasons. Today we will take a closer look at the leather duffle bag and its best traits – as our aim is to present you with five major reasons why you should put your worries aside and pick a leather duffle bag to carry every day and on all occasions.

1. A Men’s Leather Duffle Bag Will Take You Everywhere


If you are the type of cool, modern guy who divides his time between a job, a girlfriend, a bunch of close buddies, parents, and relatives living in another city, a gym weekly subscription and weekend getaways to recharge your batteries, then a leather duffle bag is exactly what you need. These are the main advantages it offers to busy, active and modern men:

- It can be taken to work – and it doesn’t look like a purse.

- If you’re not going to the gym, you can still wear it at work as it will look like you’re going to the gym afterward.

- It fits perfectly with any airline company, so you can use it to travel
- It allows you to pack everything you need for a weekend getaway with your friends or a romantic city break with your loved one.

You can choose from a large men’s leather duffle travel bag or a smaller elegant vintage leather duffle bag for daily activities – there are plenty of models, sizes, and colors to have fun with.

    2. A Leather Duffle Bag Is Made of… Leather

    This might sound redundant to you, but when it comes to leather, nobody can badmouth it. Leather is a precious fabric, durable, flexible and elegant. You can have your way with a black leather bag or a brown leather bag. You can even go so far to pick a canvas and leather duffle bag – it doesn’t matter:

    - A high-quality full grain leather duffle bag is a thing of beauty, taste, and sophistication.

    - A leather duffle bag is timeless – you won’t have to change your bag next year just because some designers said so.

    - It will be forever in fashion and it will look even more elegant as time goes by.

    - Leather is a sturdy, durable, strong material, it looks good even when it’s old, and will go with everything – be it your exec suit or your jeans and boots mountain combo.

    3. A Leather Duffle Bag for Men Is Durable and Shock-Resistant

      You won’t get to tear apart a high-quality leather duffle bag too soon. And, from its part, it won’t break down easily, even if you carry it to all places. Even a small leather duffle bag for everyday use can stand you moving it around. And this is why:

      - Many come in tear-resistant support fabrics, with storm flap closures and even rust-resistant zippers to offer your stuff protection from the weather or physical shock.

      - No matter if you opt for a leather duffle bag luggage, a leather rolling duffle bag or a small leather duffle bag for those busy urban days, you will enjoy a reliable partner for all your activities years in a row.

        4. A Duffle Bag Leather Carry-On is an Icon of Practicality

        Men are pragmatic beings. They go for everything that is useful, reliable and down-to-earth. This is why many ditch the modern men-purses and gravitate towards leather duffle bags – they are the epitome of versatility:

        - Most such bags come with adjustable shoulder straps and shoulder pads, as well as with grip-friendly handles.

        - There are countless of models featuring padded laptop sleeves and fitting interior pockets.

        - They were designed especially for men: you can safely and perfectly fill the bag up with clothes, electronics, personal items, paperwork and more.

        - The large majority of men’s leather duffle bags come with exterior pockets as well (for looks and utility) kept safe with buckles or magnets for a quick access to important items such as a cell phone, a wallet or a passport.

        - Combining sophistication with utilitarianism principles, high-quality leather duffle bags will make you stand out of the crowd in a stylish way.

          5. A Leather Men’s Duffle Bag Needs Little Maintenance

          Since it is made of leather, your duffle bag will need little to no maintenance. It won’t collect too much dust and since it features a natural fabric, it will breathe on its own.

          - Leather can be stored without you having to worry about fungi, moist or dry environments or dark storage rooms.

          - The same thing happens with the stuff you store in a leather duffle bag: be them clothes or objects, they will be perfectly safe.

          - As long as you take the minimum care of your bag, it will stay safe and keep everything inside even safer.

            These are the main reasons why you should choose a leather duffle bag for everyday use. A refined Italian leather one will make you look hip and cool while a sturdy weekender will be your favorite companion in your adventures. Whatever style, model, size or color you choose, remember that you two will be friends forever.